Saturday, June 13, 2020

Viral ang Bidyo ni Anne Curtis Kung Saan Kinakantahan Niya ng Twinkle Twinkle ang Kanyang Baby

The actress posted the video, where she can be seen singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to Dahlia, on Instagram 

Naghatid ng good vibes sa mga followers ni Anne Curtis ang kanyang bonding moment sa kanyang baby na si baby Dahlia Amélie. Ikinatuwa ng mga followers ni Anne ang bidyo na kung saan kinakantahan ni Anne ang kanyang baby ng "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

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Morning cuddles with my little koala 🐨🌸

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“One of our favorite things to do together... she’s so observant now... And.... I think she likes mummy’s voice,” 

the Kapamilya actress captioned. The clip also exhibited developments in Dahlia’s behavior. 

“Wait till the end for our new achievement unlocked. Although I feel chamba but still kilig. Haha. Excited to eventually teach her close-open, arimunding-munding and beautiful eyes,” Anne said. 

“To my friends, this is also why I don’t reply 90% of the time,” she added. 

Ito naman ang say ng mga netizens: 

“Ang sarap sa tenga ng boses mo Ms. Anne. God bless you little angel!” 

“She’s so cute, I'm very happy for you ate Anne, I can see the love and contentment in your face. God bless your family.” 

“OMG ATE ANNE YOUR VOICE IS SOOO GANDA NA TALAGAAAA!!! Sobrang sarap na sa ears!!! No wonder kaya love na love din ni Dahlia like us!!!”

 “Congrats @annecurtissmith, it's the best feeling in the world being a mom and spend time with your beautiful daughter! She will grow fast!!” 

“I'm smiling while watching this. Motherhood suits you Ms. @annecurtissmith.” “We love seeing videos like this!!!! #motherhood fits really well to you ate!!! sighhhh. Grabe my heaaaart!!!!” 

Watch the adorable video below:



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