Saturday, March 7, 2020

Kris Aquino, kakambal na raw ang aksidente, natumba sa cr!

Kamakailan lang ng masabi na takaw-aksidente talaga si Kris Aquino. Sa kanyang recent post, ikinuwento niya kung paano siya nadisgrasya.

Kuwento ni Kris:

"Kuya Josh & Bimb deserve this GRATITUDE post. i took a tumble from my bed a day after my birthday, my windows are all soundproof, but the door isn’t. i kept shouting for help (in a household w/ more than a dozen staff)."

"But in my estimation it took more than 20 minutes before 2 people came, by then i was already crying uncontrollably… we now have a baby monitor in my bedroom."

"Yesterday after my shower, i took a step out & my left leg flew under me & i landed hard on my right side. i shouted out for Bimb & he came running… he had the presence of mind to wrap me in a towel & said to not move because i may have dislocated something; he called Alvin & Tin but i said i could go on my hands & knees & try to get up. He helped by practically carrying me."

"Today 6 AM, the very mild pain medicine i can drink wore off & my right side throbbed… i asked kuya if he could accompany me to breakfast & he said ‘i’ll take care of you, mama.’ It was a struggle to put on my joggers & he helped without being asked."

"Life is far from perfect but this mom knows how blessed she is because of her 2 giants."



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