Monday, May 13, 2019

Vico Sotto leads Mayoralty race in Pasig City based on partial and unofficial results

Vico Sotto is reportedly leading the Mayoralty race in Pasig City against Mayor Robert "Bobby" C. Eusebio.

It is based on the partial and unofficial count of votes as of 9:00 pm. Some netizens reacted to the unofficial result.

Vico Sotto has been getting a higher number of votes in Mayoralty race in Pasig City, against Mayor Robert "Bobby" C. Eusebio.

As of 9:00 pm, Vico already garnered 63,658 votes while his opponent already got 34,127 votes.

This result has atrracted various reactions from netizens. Some of them have expressed their happiness for Vico and they have been claiming that it is the big change that they have been wanting for Pasig City.

Vico Sotto is the son of Vic Sotto with his fellow celebrity, Coney Reyes.



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