Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bata na may NeuroBlastoma - Stage 4, nangangailagan ng tulong

This is our precious CheChe. 

First time i saw her was last December and I must say she’s very charming and brave kid. I remember the day na kailangan niyang salinan pero sobrang nipis na ugat niya at pumuputok agad. Naka ilang turok na, mga 9x na pero hindi sya umiyak o nagpigil sa nurse kasi alam niyang kailangan nya ng dugo. Matanda mag isip at mag salita. 
1st photo was taken August 2018 - already at the maintenance stage. I took the 2nd photo the other day lang. It means, the cancer came back.
February this year, her head start swelling and the doctors adviced her grandparents not to continue the chemotherapy. And you know, this is the hardest news to take as a watcher. Its like surrendering the life of this great kid without fighting. But then again this girl is also a fighter, we will not lose our hope but to #UNITEtoFIGHTcancer coz no one should fight alone.
She and her family needs our help. If you are from laguna and has a car you might wanna help them and volunteer to drive them to the hospital when youre free, or if you have extra money pls contact them and donate directly. Small amount is a big help, they need it for blood, weekly CheChe needs blood transfussion to extend her life. 1 bag of platelet cost from 1k, RBC is 1.8k. They need money for food, transportation, medicine. Or If you have spare room near PCMC hospital in Quezon ave, you might wanna let them sleep even for just a day. They sometimes stay at the hospital for atleast 2 days and sleep on the chair, and it sometimes break my heart. Again, if you wanna help, there are ways. And if you dont know how to start and help,call me. We will figure it out together.
Here is the details:
Cheymuel Concepcion
5 years old
NeuroBlastoma - Stage 4
Diagnosed february 17, 2017



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