Friday, July 27, 2018

Zanjoe Marudo, Ginulat Ang Lahat Matapos Niyang Ipakita Sa Publiko Na Kasama Ang Kanyang Ex Girlfriend Na Ito

Zanjoe Marudo welcomes Bea Alonzo in his movie's premiere night.

A lot of people are always excited about things that are related to love and romance. Almost everyone is interested in those kinds of topics because somewhere deep in their heart, they are also longing to genuinely love and to be loved. Most people would undoubtedly give their attention to anything that discusses the universal concept of love. In the world today, there have been various accounts of lack of love for one's fellowmen and so the message of love has been continuously echoed to everyone in every means that can possibly be used.

The show business industry are among those who take advantage of the people's interest in love and romance. They incorporate these in every project that they do so that they may be able to capture the interest of the public. One of the techniques that they employed is forming various love team couples that would act like lovers in front of the camera. This was somehow effective in catching the fancy of their audience as these love teams have somehow gathered some fans as a couple. These love teams have to publicly show their chemistry with each other in order to make things appear realistic between them.

Some of these love team partners are so realistic that they eventually take it to the next level. They become a real-life romantic couple after they become completely comfortable and vulnerable to each other. This situation is something favorable for their fans as they get to witness the budding of a serious relationship from a scripted act. However, just like everything in the world today, relationships are also imperfect. There would be a lot of challenges and struggles that would try to break the relationship. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these cases in the show business industry as well.

Zanjoe Marudo is one of the most well-known matinee idols in the country. He is quite popular for his great acting skills and his enviable well-toned body. The 36-year-old hunk is also a favorite of many women because of his charm and good looks. He has been partnered with many female celebrities who became his love team partner at a particular point in time in his showbiz career. One of them is the famous actress Bea Alonzo.

Recently, a photo of Zanjoe welcoming his ex-girlfriend Bea Alonzo in the theater for the premiere night of his movie "Kusina Kings" circulated all over the internet. The photo became a trending topic as people started suspecting the relationship between the two.

Just yesterday, the premiere night of the movie titled "Kusina Kings" which is top-billed by Zanjoe Marudo and Empoy. It was attended by some of the casts and producers of the movie and some celebrities.

One of the attendees of the premiere night is Bea Alonzo who is one of the women that Zanjoe has had a relationship with in the past. Many people were quite surprised with her appearance, and a lot of people got even more surprised when she was welcomed by her ex-boyfriend Zanjoe.

The photos received a lot of feedback from social media users. People had various reactions and opinions about the photo.

A lot of people were shocked when they saw the gesture of Zanjoe to Bea. Many people, especially the fans of the Zanjoe and Bea tandem got romantically excited and they are hoping that the two can get back with each other in the near future.

The photo posted by Star Cinema's Instagram account that was uploaded to the website Fashion Pulis made a huge buzz as fans of the iconic couple had their fire of fandom rekindled.

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