Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nancy Mcdonie, Gumawa Ng Ingay Matapos Ipakita Ang Tunay Na Ugali Niya Pag Off Cam, Grabe Ibang Klase Talaga

Nancy Jewel McDonie casually does her groceries.

Being a celebrity is not easy. They work for the show business and entertainment industry which demands them to bring out a lot of effort in their craft. Contrary to common knowledge, they also get a pile of work and this takes a huge part of their schedule. They also have to travel to a lot of places which can be tiring sometimes. However, the biggest struggle of a celebrity is probably balancing his or her public and private life. As popular personalities, their lives are seen by the public through mainstream and social media. But apart from that, they still have a private life that is kept away from the vision of the masses.

Momoland is one of the fastest rising K-pop groups in Korea. The group is new to the show business industry as they debuted just last November of 2016. They were formed through the talent search competition titled Finding Momoland. The nine winners of the show became the part of the group namely Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Taeha, Nayun, Daisy, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy. They had a sensational song titled "Bboom Bboom" which created a dance craze all over the world. This boosted the popularity of their group to great heights. Apart from their hit dance craze, people spotted the outstanding beauty of one of their members. This is no other than Nancy Jewel McDonie who suddenly became an internationally acclaimed celebrity.

Nancy is the youngest member of their group. She is a mix of American and Korean genes because her father is an American while her mother is a Korean. She was born in Korea, but later on, transferred to the United States where she spent most of her younger years. Soon, she returned to Korea to pursue some studies and to get a shot in the show business industry of the country. She is well recognized as a member of the rising female K-pop group Momoland, but more than this, she was noticed by the international audience who recognized her exceptional beauty.

Recently, some old photos of Nancy while shopping in a grocery resurfaced on the internet. The photos became a trending topic as people watched what she does on a normal day.

Back in 2017, photos of Nancy while shopping in a grocery were uploaded online. The photos showed how Nancy looked like during that year.

Nancy proved how beautiful she is through the pictures. Little to everyone's knowledge, she wasn't wearing any make-up when those pictures were captured.

In the photos, Nancy was together with her Momoland co-artist JooE. They were in Spain at that time and they decided to go shopping for some goods in the grocery. It is very evident in the pictures that the two were making the most out of their "free-time" while they still have some.

The photos that were uploaded by rachbuzz received some feedback from social media users. People shared their reactions and opinions about the old photos that resurfaced online.

A lot of people poured out their love and appreciation for Nancy's incomparable beauty. Many people, especially the men, were stunned by Nancy's gorgeousness and alluring charm.

The photos that were uploaded through an article by the website rachbuzz caused a lot of debate from social media users.

What can you say about the photos? Were the old photos of Nancy anywhere near her present look? Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed the article.

Credits: Rach Buzz

Ryzza Mae Dizon, Pinagkaguluhan Matapos Niyang Ipakita Ang Kanyang Matinding Transformation, Mga Fans Labis Na Nagaalala

Ryza Mae's Pitu App photo amazes many people on social media.

One of the things that many people look up to is their beauty. Yes, we can all probably say that in our modern society now our favorite celebrities are the "standards" when it comes to beauty, fashion style, and latest trends. This is the reason why many people admire them because they are famous, talented, and also they have the most beautiful faces and latest fashion style in the country. It is much easier now for us as fans to get to updates from our celebrity idols and have the latest tips on beauty and fashion because we now have the internet and the social media.

In just a press of a button, one person can easily have access to the news and updates about their favorite celebrities and they would have the newest tips on the dresses, beauty secrets, and also the current trend. One of the trends right now is the use of applications on mobile phones and computers. This is really cool especially when we see many people use those things and bring it on social media. Sometimes, we see these famous personalities use the same app and as fans, we are always happy to see that they do the same things that we do. Whenever such things are posted online, we wanted to be the first ones to see the scoop and we want to give out our comments and sentiments on them. We want to show them our love and support for them and let the world know that we are there for them no matter what.

This is recently seen with the phenomenal child star and television personality, Ryza Mae Dizon. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people have seen a photo she posted on her Instagram account. They were totally surprised by what they saw and apparently, many are now going crazy about her all over social media.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after the official account of Ryza Mae Dizon shared a photo from the application named "Pitu App". We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and she is one of the leading young stars in the showbiz industry now.

She rose to fame after getting discovered in the longest running noontime show called "Eat Bulaga". People have grown to love her cuteness, amazing talents, incredible charm, and ever since then she landed many projects in the showbiz industry and she became one of the most awaited child stars in the industry.

Recently, the actress has been making a buzz all over social media after people have seen the photo that she posted on social media. We all know that one of the trends now is posting a photo from the app called "Pitu". It is an application wherein you can match your face in the body physique of a Korean person.

The photo immediately gained the attention of many people and they were totally shocked by what they saw. 

People were all wondering at first if the photo is really Ryza and they have realized that it was just a photo from the App. 

Many were astounded of the post and they are now giving their comments on the actress.

They were all lauding her for doing a great job and you can see that her fans are more excited to see more posts on Instagram.

What do you think about this? We hope you had fun reading our article.

Credits: Instagram