Sunday, April 22, 2018

Watch the longer version of Nadine Lustre pushing away female fan

Kapamilya star Nadine Lustre once again received criticism from countless netizens. This time, it came after a controversial video of her went viral. The controversial 3-second clip showed Nadine pushing away the arm of a female fan who was taking a selfie with her celebrity boyfriend, James Reid.

However, a longer version of the events in the controversial video – taken from a different angle – is circulating on Facebook. This version seems to tell a different side of the story.

Based on the longer clip, it was revealed that the female fan who was taking a selfie with James seems to have been flirting with him as well. Ah, the plot thickens…

According to an overly long Facebook post by a Facebook account named Red Reid, this assumed flirting may have been the real reason behind Nadine Lustre pushing away the female fan’s arm. Jealousy is a powerful emotion, after all.

An excerpt from the Facebook post even claims that James was asking Nadine to push the female fan away. How did he ask, you say? With his eyes.

“Kita niyo yung titig ni James kay Nadine? Humihingi siya ng tulong kay Nadine for him to be free sa mga nagpapapicture. Buti din at nakuha ni Nadine yung mean [sic] ni James kaya hindi niya nakaya at tinapik niya yung isang babae at pinatigil niya. Which is tama yung ginawa niya.”

Do you agree with what Nadine Lustre did? Did this video change your opinion on the previous controversial video? Share your arguments in the comments section below!

Source: Facebook User / Red Reid



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